Update your website

Faster than you can make a cup of tea!

Keeping your website up to date is incredibly important...

Not only does it help to maintain your search engine ranks, it also keeps your website fresh and interesting. There’s nothing worse than searching for a business’ website only to find that they haven’t done anything for three years!

Designed with
you in mind

Graphite has been developed to help you update your website quickly and easily. You only see what is necessary, no extra complicated bells and whistles to get in the way.

Security is our concern,
not yours...

Because it doesn’t rely on a huge repository of open source software (We’re looking at you, Wordpress) it is super secure and there are no pesky plugin updates that could potentially damage your website!

What's new in Graphite 2.3?

Introducing Amazon Web Services S3 and CloudFront integration,
and more!

Preview Coming Soon

So what can it do?

(More like what can’t it do?)

Graphite can manage any content on your website, from the text on your home page to the products in your shop.

It can be adapted to suit your needs exactly, but here are the standard built in features:
(Click on them to find out how they work!)

Take it for a spin!

We've told you plenty of great things about Graphite,
why don't you give it a try?

Open Preview

I'm interested!

How can I get it?

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, there is only one way to get hold of our marvellous system.

Graphite comes as standard with every (Non-Wordpress) website from MJS Media.

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